Kazakhstan’s Bitcoin Mining Investment Increases to $ 890 million

The Bitcoin (BTC) network uses the Proof of Work consensus algorithm. This requires a lot of computing power from the so-called miners, who verify the Bitcoin blocks with special mining hardware. The picture shows a Bitcoin coin mechanism on a circuit board.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are becoming so attractive that they are attracting the attention of nation states that are now trying their hand at them. For example, the Kazakh government is now a major bitcoin miner, which is a shock to many considering that most other governments have chosen to take a lukewarm stance on cryptos.

According to Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream, Bitcoin Circuit software mining could be a very profitable strategic investment for governments. Samson penned a catchy tweet for this purpose , which grabbed the space’s attention. It appears that Kazakhstan shares this view and announced further investments of $ 700 million for its Bitcoin mining operation. We have summarized the highlights of the events for you.

Bitcoin mining for $ 190 million

Kazakhstan’s decision to venture into large-scale, government-funded Bitcoin mining is a complete about-face from its earlier approach to cryptocurrencies. As early as 2018, the country’s central bank (the National Bank of Kazakhstan) tried to draft a policy to make cryptocurrencies and related activities in the country illegal.

A few months later, this policy was repealed and replaced with a friendlier approach to regulating Bitcoin & Co. The Kazakh government then initiated a project in which several Bitcoin mining farms were installed. An impressive $ 190 million was made available for the project.

Another $ 700 million is to follow

Now the government is allocating even more funds to expand its Bitcoin mining activities. Bagdat Mussin, who is currently the minister for digital development, recently announced plans to invest more than $ 700 million in Bitcoin mining operations. The country already operates 13 mining farms, with 4 more to follow soon.

With more than 10 major Bitcoin mining farms already operating, Kazakhstan contributes a whopping 6% to the global hash rate on the Bitcoin network. It can only be expected that this big chunk will grow even bigger as the country brings more financial clout to its already successful mining project. However, the country is still lagging behind other larger mining regions such as China, the US, and Russia.

Kazakhstan’s competitive advantage in Bitcoin mining

A major reason Kazakhstan could have a prosperous future in the Bitcoin mining business is, above all, easy access to very cheap electricity from its coal reserves. In fact, some miners from China are already in the process of relocating their mining activities to Kazakhstan to benefit from cheap electricity.

Kazakhstan’s entry into bitcoin mining as a government-backed project focuses on the wider global impact such a move could have. If more governments take up crypto mining, it would only be a matter of time before cryptos, especially Bitcoin, hit mass adoption.

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